Delia Derbyshire Day designs and delivers exciting electronic music education opportunities in schools and community settings for all ages. Inspired by the work and working methods of Delia Derbyshire, we aim for our education work to be accessible, enjoyable and empowering.

We believe electronic music education provides great benefits for individuals and communities by developing musical, social and academic skills and holistic well-being and development. DD Day fulfills the music technology aims of the National Plan for Music Education as technology provides a means by which children can create original music in a variety of styles, using a medium they are both familiar with and easily enthused by.

Delia Derbyshire inspired workshops at DD Day 2016

We were very excited to be able to offer our first taster hands-on electronic music making workshops for families at HOME as part of DD Day 2016. This was the first time we were able to have participatory workshops as part of our events, and given the popularity and positive feedback, we will continue to offer this whenever we can.

Here are some comments from participants who took part:

“Connie asked if we could do this at home – she wants to make noises in the kitchen.”
“I really loved the event and would do it again – 10/10 – amazing.”
“Excellent way of introducing music creation to young children – we’ll definitely carry on at home adding to our project and creating more.”




Year 6 pupils at Oswald Road School, Chorlton, Manchester:

“Delia is inspiring because she was making music we would listen to now, but like 50 years ago. And it must have taken her ages as we have computers now.”

“I really liked how we could choose our own sounds and use our imaginations”

We are developing an exciting education aspect to our work as Delia Derbyshire Day, revolving around the archive of Delia Derbyshire held here in Manchester, Delia’s inspiring music and working methods. This has been very popular with schools and pupils as they consistently find the creator of the original Dr Who theme engaging and many have also seen the CBBC programme about Delia with Dick and Dom which featured Caro C who has designed and delivers the programme.

Music tech project notebook cover

Music tech project notebook cover

We are very pleased that Manchester Music Hub have taken on our Delia Derbyshire inspired Introduction to Music Technology courses as a New Initiative. This means that we can offer our refined 5 week introductory courses for upper Key Stage 2 (Years 4, 5 & 6) in up primary schools in the Greater Manchester area with a wonderful 50% subsidy making it more accessible. This development of our education work is a very exciting development enabling us to enable and inspire many more young people through the exciting heritage of electronic music and Delia Derbyshire’s place in this.. The courses are delivered in partnership with One Education Music.

st francis notebook covers

The aim of the course is to enlighten the youngsters on the music and working methods of Delia Derbyshire starting with her realisation of Ron Grainer’s original Dr Who theme (1963). Pupils are very interested to know that Delia was responsible for the iconic and revolutionary sound of the theme which still endures today.

We then look at Delia’s more music concrète (found sounds) TV themes and deconstruct how she made them.

Then it is their turn. Using the accessible Garageband app, the kids produce their own TV theme for an imaginary TV programme using loops, found objects and their voices.

The outcomes were most entertaining and they really grasped the software and the fundamentals of:

– electronic music production (sampling, looping, quantisation),

– music making (arrangement and song structure, the building blocks of music)

– music production/audio engineering (mic placement/recording sounds and mixing music)

st francis notebook cover 3There is quite a lot of literacy and writing involved as the pupils make their own project notebooks and compile all the information as we proceed complete with illustrations and graphic scores. The pupils also learn to work collaboratively in small groups of 2 or 3.

The feedback consultation with the pupils at the end of the course is a crucial way for us to evaluate the work and make sure we are offering the most useful and exciting learning experience.

Massive thanks to all productive partners involved, helpful staff, the inspiring Delia D and the intelligent and imaginative pupils!

Do get in touch if you would like to find out more and may be have us design and deliver workshops/projects for your educaiton/learning/participation work in Manchester and beyond.

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